Starting a Taxi Business in India

In fact the Indian taxi market is so attractive that a lot of people have used their cars as taxis and they have gotten into the taxi business. Therefore the best way to make a profit from this line of business would be to set up your own business in the Indian taxi market. This approach is quite suitable for all who intend to have a reliable and consistent source of income since more and more people are using taxis for commuting courtesy of the steep hike in gas prices.

When you are thinking of getting into the taxi business in India the first thing that you need to take care of is the selection of the type of taxis you are going to use. Of course irrespective of the kind of taxi chosen by you, you need to be mindful of the fact that it should run on CNG. By doing this, you would be doing your bit towards the environment and helping India become a greener and cleaner country.

In order to zero in on a car model for your taxi you can take the help of the licensing agency since you cannot just choose any car that catches your fancy. You do not need to purchase brand new cars for this purpose and if your budget is tight then you can also use second hand cars also as in this way your start-up capital would not be a huge amount. Of course things do not end with the purchase of taxi cars – it is imperative to have a tie up with a good mechanic and a garage so that they would provide maintenance and repair your car whenever the need arises.

Before you commence the operation of your taxi business in India you should have a business permit. You need to contact the local government agency in order to find out about various other legal requirements necessary for starting a taxi business in India. Get a complete list of permits and documents that would be required so that you can check each off the list the moment you complete them. In this way you will not miss anything.

Apart from the above mentioned requisites, you also need to have a large garage in order to park your taxis when they are not on the road. If you do not have one then you can rent one. Also, get a hotline so that people can call your company up whenever they are in need of a taxi.

Another factor which plays a seminal role in this business pertains to the drivers. Make sure you do not get rash drivers but responsible and good ones because they are the ones who would be responsible for your taxis. So choose your taxi drivers wisely because they can make or break your taxi business in India.