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About Ganpatipule

Known for its temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and its white sand beach, Ganpatipule is located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. There are two schools of thought as to how the town got its name. According to folklore, Lord Ganesha, offended by a remark left Gule, his original abode, and reached Pule. Another school of thought believes that the town got its name from the white sand (or Pule in Marathi) from which the idol of Ganesha was formed.

Today, the town has become a major pilgrimage center. Thousands of pilgrims visit the Swayambhu Ganpati temple, where the idol is self-manifested. The Ganesha temple in Ganpatipule is unique because it is one of the few temples in the country in which the presiding deity faces west. The 400- year-old temple is one of the prime tourist attractions of the town.

The Ganesha-shaped hill behind the temple also attracts a lot of devotees who circumambulate it. The top of the hill itself offers panoramic views of the beach up to Kotawade, Malgund, Varavade and Tivari port.

Ganpatipule beach is another attraction of the town and has one of the few white sand beaches in Maharashtra. The Ganpatipule beach is clean and the sea is also clear though swimming is not advisable because of the rocky stretches. It is an however ideal spot for sunbathing and the several water sport activities.